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Today's Birth Options

What's the right choice? A panel discussion with birthing experts about your options.

With so many birth options these days, it can be a challenge to keep it all straight.

Overwhelmed by the countless baby books, magazines, websites and advice from family and friends? Still not sure what birthing option is best for you? Whether you're newly pregnant and in search of resources or simply interested in learning about your options in preparation for pregnancy, have your questions answered by our panel of birthing experts at this free event.

What is the right choice? A panel discussion with Birthing Experts about your options including:

  • What is the difference between a birthing center and a hospital delivery?
  • Midwives vs. OBGYN-how do I decide?
  • “Baby friendly” hospital designation-what does that mean?
  • Integrative wellness options with pregnancy-what is safe to practice?
  • Pre conception counseling and genetic testing-what does that involve?
  • I had trouble breastfeeding with my first child; will it be the same with my second?
  • I had a c-section with my first child and am considering a v-back, what are the risks?
  • Plus many, many more hot button issues will be discussed around women’s health

April 27th
Learning Center at Lutheran Medical Center
5:30 pm